Why this isn’t the picture of someone in need of gin!

If I told you this morning that your day would involve building a toy box, making lunches for the following day and general household chores. That your internet would be switched off and you would not be able to leave the house as you will have to wait in for the Sky man (even though you know he will arrive one minute before the end of your allocated time slot) how would you feel?

I guess most of you wouldn’t think much of it. A couple of years ago I would have been looking forward to that day as it would have meant I wasn’t at work.

If I added that you are going to do that with your almost two year old in tow perhaps you would start to worry a little…

I think it would be mean of me to not also mention that said two year old will spend most of the day naked (you cannot figure out why she just keeps taking her nappy and clothes off), she is not potty trained, she will throw trail mix all over the kitchen floor because it is funny to watch the dogs eat it and you may turn around to find her with a screw driver in her ear. Feel any different about your day now?


I posted on insta earlier that I was failing life whilst trying to multi task like a pro. I was questioning why I don’t work Mondays.

I very quickly reminded myself that I do carefully pick my battles. Of all the things my two year old could do, being naked whilst throwing trail mix (which probably needs to go in the bin anyway) on the floor is the least of my worries. She was having the time of her life and I managed to make those lunches for the following day. It also only took me about five minutes to clean up!

One happy child!

Earlier in the morning I had called my fiancé as the internet got switched off asking him to help me, I mean how am I going to entertain my child without YouTube and leaving the house? How am I going to get ALL of those things that I need to get done whilst trying to figure out this parenting thing. A quick word with myself soon sorted that out, if all I did today was feed my child and watch Peppa bloody Pig on my phone I’d be winning (as long as we didn’t miss the Sky man).

No, it is not a poo, as I said it probably needed to go in the bin anyway!

The screw driver is another story, remember what I said… pick your battles. This one could result in serious injury and a trip to A&E (and you can’t leave the house for fear of missing Mr Sky) so that my child you cannot do today, or any day for that matter. But help me with the toy box all you like… Yes sit in it of course, would you like me to padlock it shut for you?

Enjoy kid

Parenting is difficult. I raise my hat to any stay at home parent. You guys have the hardest job and I do not envy you at all. But I love my days off with my little girl, and as difficult as it may be, I find reminding myself to choose my battles carefully helps. I take each moment in my stride, and I pretty much enjoy most of it (until next time when this story could read very differently). These pictures are not the image of someone failing at life, they are a pro at work. I got this and I was winning today. I multi tasked like a boss, no harm came to anyone, my child was happy and fed and I did all of this whilst still wearing my pyjama top.

What did you do?

I got this!

P.S. Got to run the fire alarm is going off, think I may have just burnt the god damn sweet potato and woke the child up… Wish me luck.

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  1. Love this! Definitely resonates with me. Recently have given up full-time work to work at home and I swear being with the kids all day is so much harder! My fail today was the (new) neighbours dropping apples off – mid battle of wills with my 10 year old. The apples were left on the fence and if they did knock, I didn’t hear them! But, dinner came, we ate together and the kids are happily trying to scare the crap out of each other. I also have wine 😉 Keep Winning!

    1. Thanks Larissa. Had a moment today when I realised I wasn’t alone. A young delivery driver arrived and I promptly answered the door and apologised for the naked child. He chuckled and said not to worry he has two boys and a girl… he knew!!

      Enjoy the wine and roll on bedtime

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